Volunteers of Stowmarket

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Tree Planting - assisting with projects to help raise the canopy cover of Stowmarket by planting trees within the town. 


Gardening and garden-related activities - assisting local community groups to maintain their garden. 


Litter Picking - 1st Tuesday of the month - working in areas across Stowmarket, including the town centre, parks and open spaces, with the aim to Keep Stowmarket Tidy. 


Recycling initiatives - taking part in projects that encourage more people to recycle, including manning the market stall that happens on 4th Thursday of the month.


Planting and Weeding


And any other green initiatives/projects that helps improve and enhance the environment.


Our project provides opportunities for people to contribute to meaningful projects that have a positive local and global impact in a way that also benefits the volunteers themselves.

Our Aim Our aim is to increase the number of people who volunteer to take part in environmental projects and initiatives across Stowmarket.


There are many social benefits and gains that people experience when they volunteer. Volunteering enhances skills and attitudes: hard skills (for example, language and customer relations skills), soft skills (communication, self-confidence, teamwork skills, routines and time keeping).


Volunteering can also serve as a meaningful alternative to paid work. It can help individuals maintain their self-worth and offer them important social contact, and that can counteract the negative psychological effects of social exclusion. Volunteering in this instance can make a contribution to maintaining and increasing peoples health and wellbeing whilst helping improve and enhance the environment.

To find out more information contact Colin 01449 673947 or email [email protected]

The Volunteers of Stowmarket (VOS) project supports local people of all ages to undertake environmental activities and initiatives across the town.

Latest news from the project

Stowmarket Community Hub - 

Raised Beds

After December’s successful bulb planting day the Volunteers of Stowmarket returned to Stowmarket Community Hub in January to assist Leading Lives with installing three new raised beds.


The raised beds will be used to grow a variety of vegetables that individuals and groups at the Hub can use for cooking healthy meals. The volunteers had a great time putting the beds together and filling them up with a mixture of Leading Lives own compost and green top compost, a by-product of brown bin waste.


Volunteers of Stowmarket are planning to return next month to help prepare some flowerbeds and take part in a potato growing competition. More information to follow…..


The raised beds were supplied by Harrod Horticulture.